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I have worked on many events over the years and I pride myself on being able to highlight and promote while being visually and aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Capturing the audience's interest is important, so why not show everything you have to offer?


Everyone has a personal story to tell. I pride myself in being able to find what makes each person's story unique. The art of filmmaking allows to capture a certain person, story, event, movement, time or phenomena in a compelling way. After all, the most interesting stories are the ones that come from real life.


My biggest passions in life are to create film and sketch comedy. Often I combine those two to try to create entertaining shorts and full length pieces that jump off the screen through engaging cinematography, characters and stories.

I have worked on several music videos with artists of varying genres, with a personal favorite being hip-hop. Story-telling through musical and poetic avenues is no easy task, but one that I thoroughly enjoy. I like to help bring an artist's vision to life through any means possible.


Toronto, ON

dave [dot] koval [at] icloud [dot] com


Videographer // Editor // Colourist

Black Magic // Premiere // Resolve

Available for freelance and contract jobs


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